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Veronica Lee 

Spiritual Mentor

Spiritual Mentor and Mystic

As many astrologers and seers have told me, I am an ancient soul. 

Like many at this time, I came in to hold space for our global awakening. I have enjoyed this life as a wife, mother of four, and ultra conscious human being, capable of dealing with the humanness of the three dimensional world as well as seeing deeply into the patterns of the individual soul, our collective, and a multitude of nameless realms beyond time and space. 

Whether working with individuals, small groups, or speaking to large audiences, I specialize, so to speak, in knowing the desires of the soul, reflecting back our unwavering Perfection and creating connections to align us with these higher states of being... here, now.

My gift is bringing the higher frequencies of Love Consciousness to those I work with and the collective.
I envision a world in which people live authentic, empowered, and joyful lives, creating peace on Earth.


As a young child, I remember knowing God as pure Love and Light.  Raised metaphysically, I learned about hands-on healing, meditation, visualization and manifesting at a very young age.

In college (in the mid-80's) I offered non-conventional ideas to my teachers by writing papers on Soul Mates and Past Lives and created a vision board which included images of energy healing. At 19, I began attending a weekly meditation group where I practiced meditation, intuitive skills and manifesting under the guidance of our "family psychic."  Hence, within a year I manifested a new car and, more notably, my future husband!  

In 1991, I graduated from the University of California Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Design and a minor in Art Studio. Creativity and self expression were important to me then, and continue to bring joy to my life today! I enjoy knitting (and other fiber arts), jewelry making, dancing, simple gardening, decorating and designing, and experiencing beauty in all forms.

I believe creativity is the Divine expression of our soul's joyful willingness to experience beauty and manifestation.


After college, I worked full time as an Interior Designer until my first daughter was born in 1993.  As much as I loved design, it had nothing over the blessings of motherhood, and my maternity leave turned into my lifelong passion! 

In 1997, my son was born at home - breech, mind you! - and mothering continued to be my ministry.  
My family grew exponentially when my last two daughters entered the world as a "matching pair" in 2001.   

Since this most sacred work of parenthood was bestowed upon me over 20 years ago, I have honored this calling and chosen not work a "real, full time job" - making motherhood my first priority.

I have been blessed beyond words by these four amazing and bright individuals! 

About My Private Sessions


While offering a Waldorf-inspired morning preschool from my home, one of my preschool moms suggested that I consider doing Akashic Records Readings.  As Waldorf parents, we were both familiar with the work of Rudolf Steiner; he was the founder of Waldorf education and occasionally referred to the Akashic Records in his teachings.  She told me, "You already channel information anyway, you might as well get paid for it."  Thus, a new career began.

Though others had always recognized in me a wisdom ahead of my years, I had never considered myself to be a "channeler;" I honestly thought people saw the world the same way I did.  Yet, by working in the energy field known as the Akashic Records, I was able to deepen my own gifts and see people even more clearly; with less judgment and more Love. My heart was opened and I was able to experience people in their True Light. Moreover, as I had been working with an intuitive therapist who really saw me for the first time in my life, I wanted to offer the gift of being truly seen to others. Not only do I experience the amazing essence of the people who come to me for Akashic Records Readings, I am privileged to validate their soul's truth and desires for them.  

I enjoy helping my clients explore their inquiries and guiding them to see their grander selves through my clear reflection. 


After several years of working as an Intuitive, I began to notice patterns that were unfolding for many of my clients (as well as myself).  These patterns were revealing to me major shifts in our Spiritual Evolution - also known as our "Awakening" or "Ascension." Expansion was upon us in a really big way... for individuals, our collective consciousness, and the planet. Recognizing my role as an "ancient soul" with the ability to see and feel the energetic shifts, it was clear to me it was time to offer support to other light-bearers as they stepped into their next phase of their ascension process.

Spiritual Evolution Mentoring allows me to offer support and guidance to people who are ready to become their True Self - the evolved soul they came here to be and enjoy.  I help people explore finer, more expanded frequencies so they can learn to resonate with - and embody - these powerful, life-changing energies. With access to these expanded realms, it becomes easier to realize our purpose, access our innate spiritual gifts, and creating the empowered, joyful lives we want to live. The "new paradigm" is here, now... the question is, "Are we aligning with it?" 

Aligned with an extremely high frequency of Love Consciousness, I offer expanded insights and practical tools to help my clients integrate and embody their truth, power and joy

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