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Tina Marie (Simila) BLiss

Multi- Intuitive Psychic Medium

Tina Bliss is a multi-intuitive psychic medium who works with the angelic realm as well as the ascended masters.

Using her gifts as a empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient she will assist you with accurate answers of all of your concerns as far as love, life purpose, finances, animal communication.  During a reading with Tina, it is not unusual for loved ones from the other side to come through.

Tina has had 3 near death experiences in her life, that have made a impact on her heightened energy. These moments have increased her sensitivity and connection to spirit.  

Tina's goal in life is to walk in truth and pass along all of her live teachings. She has also developed her own energy healing arching angel light to connect with her clients.  Tina is a committed teacher of the healing arts of reiki, arching angel light, shamanism, and earth medicine.

Blessings to you and those you love , may it last for all eternity…

Message from Tina ~  

I am a multi-intuitive psychic medium. The nature of my abilities mean that I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. My empathy is multi-faceted and veen includes pet communication abilities. My Guardian Angel helps me to guide you to the Angelic Realm. She helps me open the flood gates so that you may receive the higher good. 

With divine intent, everything you ask of me will have an answer: "You must remember that: 'we are versatile and flexible. We work with the phsyical, mental, emotional and spiritual materials availabe to us in whatever place we happen to be. we allow others to see our creative experiments. we communicate our changing thoughts, feeling, ideas and perceptions.' 

My readings are done by using my natural gifts of clairvoyance (see), clairsentience (feel), clariaudience (hear), and mediumship (seeing the deceased). I am a channel for my guardian Angel named Grace who is in the Angelic Realm. She sends me messages and I use automatic writing to send them directly to you. These messages are meant for you and you only. 

My readings can be done in person, via the phone or via email. I can also use the following tools upon request during your reading: Tarot cards, Angelic cards, Oracle cards, Pendulum, Runes, Candles, but always with divine guidance from the Angelic Realm. However automatic writing is always part of every reading. 

Readings can help guide your year, relationship, life purpose, career, wealth and loved ones that have passed over. 

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