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Sylvia Henderson

Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer

As a former Microsoft paralegal with a fairly rational mind and both feet planted firmly on the ground in corporate America, the last thing I wanted was to be a "woo-woo" kind of girl.  I've always been "down to earth," practical, and super conservative.

However, I am naturally intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and strongly emphatic. And, I have studied over 20 different healing modalities and have developed my own combination of what works best for my clients.  That and raising two sons with Autism pointed my life in a direction I never before dreamed of exploring.

All of this has made me an outstanding life coach,  effective energy healer, dynamic public speaker, and an entertaining host of my own radio show on

My clients are very much like you.  They are intelligent, professional, well educated, and successful, yet they want their personal lives to improve.  They want the freedom to pursue their dreams and life purpose, to speak their truth and be authentic without the fear of being judged by others.  And, most of all ... they just want to feel good and be happy.

If you are finally ready to stop your negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors, then you are in the right place.

​My highest calling is teaching spiritually open men and women how to realign with their Soul Purpose, to reconnect with their authentic Divine truth, to trust their inner wisdom, change their self-limiting patterns, and reclaim all of their personal power.

My practice is based on quantum physics and spiritual truths that ...

We create our own reality ("As a man thinks, so he is." - prov. 23:7)

The reality we experience is a result of our beliefs, perceptions, and emotional judgments (Our Mindsets)

We live in a magnetic vibrational Universe where like attracts like (EVERYTHING is Energy)

Everything is subject to change

We have the power to change everything that is subject to change 

What to expect from your session with Sylvia

​An Intuitive Transformation Session is an infusion of healing modalities which includes Spiritual Response Therapy, Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Ancestral DNA Release, NLP, past life trauma clearings, and childhood trauma clearings that is intuitively guided by gentle and loving very high vibrational 5th Dimensional Energies.  As Sylvia is intuitively led and guided, clarity and epiphanies arise providing a very effective and unique experience that allows intuitive healing, releasing, and transformations on a conscious, subconscious and energetic level that gets right to the root of what has held you back, blocked your happiness, and is creating turmoil and stress in your life.


Sylvia's BIOG and Experience

Over 17 Years Of Training, Research, Practice, and Education

Access Consciousness AccessBars (Instructor)

Applied Kinesiology


B.E.S.T.  (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique)


Cranial Sacral

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Law of Attraction

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Matrix Energetics

Natural Force Healing

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The One Command ® 


Psych-K (Advanced)

Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Past Life Regression

Reiki Master


Spiritual Response Therapy

The Emotion Code

Therapeutic Massage 

The Reconnection

The Sedona Method

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