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 Shradha Guppta

Vedic Astrologer

Shradha, is a rare gifted individual. In an age where the young are scrambling towards instant gratification and materialistic goals, Shradha chooses a road less travelled.

Shradha, still in her mid twenties, and is one of the youngest qualified and practicing Vedic astrologers in India.

Shradha's consultations include an in-depth study of your character, personality, major events in your life and predictions. The solutions such as wearing gem stones, Puja and havan for deity connections and planet-specific donations are all based on the ancient Indian system of Vedic astrology.

Shradha lives in and practices from Kolkata. Her consultations are available on phone and email. She also visits places from time to time.

To get predictions, solutions to problems or to satisfy queries about yourself, post your message through facebook link above with contact information, and Shradha will get back to you. Your full name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth will be required to make calculations.

Contact No: +919038015267

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