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Sarah Delamere Hurding

Seer & Healer & Magical Manifestor

Sarah De La Mer is a highly accurate and powerful SEER, MYSTIC & HEALER ~ All Sarah's services are innovative, life-changing and empowering.  Her work and approach to helping you is totally unique.  Sarah is the psychic that celebrities, CEO's and professionals trust.  

Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell and the production team were (metaphorically!) stunned into silence when she predicted the FULL line up of the Irish Popstars SIX (out of 32 kids), before they had even decided themselves. Louis Walsh, subsequently and perhaps dangerously called her ~ "The woman who knows everything".  

Sarah has repeatedly subjected herself to public scrutiny in her work.  She has shown no fear in being tested under stringent conditions, such is the efficacy of her GIFT. Her skills have been recorded and demonstrated in variable ways in print, on radio, and on TV.  In 2001 she was one of the first psychics in the world to openly prove her skills on camera. Her predictions for Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell were filmed under stringent conditions, and not even the cameraman or producer saw the contents of the envelope. The naming of the six was recorded privately by Sarah a few feet away. The sealed envelope was then opened on camera months later revealing her to be 100% correct. With her verifiable body of work, Sarah is one of the most monitored and *on-the-record* psychics in the world.

Sarah writes daily for prominent publications and has made many appearances on radio and TV. She was propelled to fame by having her accuracy broadcast both on camera and in print. The media take this psychic seriously. In fact when they want a projected and informed prediction on a matter of import, whether it be sport, pop culture, politics, or international events, Sarah is the one they turn to. 


The media take this psychic seriously.

Sarah has been publically recognised as an effective healer, (hands-on and distant), and she helped Irish Team Captain Paul O' Connell with a very serious injury after a brutal game against France.  Paul O' Connell's shoulder injury a few years back was made public by a team mate who teased him mercilessly about asking a strange woman to help him out.  Since all the usual avenues had been explored, the team DR gave Sarah permission to tackle the complex AC injury, in the hope that he would pass the team medical in time for a crucial match: he DID. Sarah also unofficially, gave accurate tips and advice on games to the coaches and players during the golden age of Irish rugby, when the team won the Six Nations under Brian O' Driscoll.

Sarah is one of America's and Ireland's best known Mystics. She is a seer, healer, life coach, writer, published author, radio host, TV personality and consciousness facilitator.  An experienced mystic, writer and healer with mediumistic ability, her article on Twin Flames is among the most popular articles ever written for OM TIMES Magazine: "the Rolling Stone for conscious people". Sarah is currently named as a spotlight writer for this highly frequented on line magazine.

Skilled with animals and humans alike, Sarah is recognised for her high degree of accuracy and strong empathy. Her approach is dynamic and profound. Do not expect a fey, woo hoo, overly soft approach. Sarah is assertive, strong and powerful as she encourages you to embrace your best self and your best options.

Sarah is the psychic that other psychics trust. 

You can be confident that your investment in her services will get you amazing results. Check out the informative testimonies from grateful clients who got a wonderful turnaround in their lives below.  As well as a clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant, Sarah is highly claircognizant; which means she just *KNOWS* things. She is a certified Reiki and Aura Soma practitioner, and uses prayer along with various visualisation techniques to shift your energies to a better place.

HIGHLY ACCURATE, transformative and inspirational ~ 

Working World Wide on the Web 4 U! 

Sarah's unique and successful packages are designed to help you ground your dreams and visions FAST. These services get you amazing results against the odds. Sarah works with you to empower you to change your life in dynamic and miraculous ways.  Access Mermaid Magic which is Sarah's healing speciality through the web site store. 

Do check out *Desired Outcome*, *The Wishing Stone*, *Karmic Krunch*, *In the Blink or Wink of an Eye*, *Boot Camp* and *Find your Soul Mate*.

A Personal Message & Professional Statement from Sarah ~

Some people want to squash the *charm* and *magic* out of life; and by that I do not mean *spells*. Just to make it absolutely clear: I do NOT do spells. Never have: never will. I do not need to. I am a God fearing powerful woman who can access life's intrinsic magic for you. I can help you achieve healing, insights, progression, integration and transformation. I am able to access the divine power within to genuinely help you.

This goes way beyond hocus pocus and whoo hoo. It is REAL.

The universe and energy are our playmates. Quantum physics is where its at. Genius Einstein knew that *everything is energy* and you can not get much more pragmatic than a high IQ scientist. In my work I seek to unify life's power and mystery with practical, defined results. You can completely trust me to do my best for you. I use the energies of authenticity and clarity, combined with powerful heart-felt intention, and the winner is YOU!

Together we can make magic!

Brief BIOG details

I write Astrology columns for many publications including Irish Independent, Sunday World, RTE Guide, Social and Personal Magazine, Cork Echo, Belfast Telegraph, Dear Sarah column for The Star (psychic agony aunt page), XPOSE magazine, OM TIMES, Star Scope ~ book published by Poolbeg. 

Educated at Gordano Comprehensive School in Portishead, Stirling University BA hons in English (with Philosophy and Religious Studies subsidiaries), MSC from Edinburgh University in Modernism and Postmodernism, M PHil in PUblishing from Stirling University, and studying independently to finish PHD from UCD (Philosophy).

TV experience: Irish Popstars for Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell (also shown on ITV in the UK), Ryan Tubridy Show, You’re A Star, Ireland AM, TTV, Celebrity Farm, Dustin the Turkey, The Cafe, The Afternoon Show, Podge and Rodge.

Radio Stuff: Newstalk, 98 FM, Talk Sport UK, Spanish Radio, Una Power Show, Cork Red FM, RTE Radio 1 and 2, Gerry Ryan Show, Marian Finucanne Show, Tom Dunne Show, East Coast FM, Q 102, 104 FM, Corks RED FM. CBS ~ Soul to Soul Show, The World PUJA Network ~ Heart to Heart Show.

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