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Rebecca Quave

Transformational Catalyst

From Rebecca ~ 

I love to support you in getting reconnected with your true Self. 

I can guide and assist you as you step into your full clarity, love, peace, and happiness. 

What is provided to you is rooted in allowing beingness (I AM), along with your highest guidance, to deliver to you a combination of:  pinpointing what is really going on with you (including what you may not be conscious of), getting you in touch with your unique most effective way to harmonize yourself, and assisting you in directly experiencing your true self, so that you can then build on accessing it all the time on your own.

The purpose of our time together is to guide and support your awakening  and ascension, while I act as a catalyst for your transformation.   This process assists and supports getting you more connected with you!

All services include access to everything available to me, and my focus when I'm with you is entirely on allowing whatever is best suited for you and is for your highest good.   Everything that goes on during the mentoring journey is surrendered to serve your highest good.  There may be times that we do lots of "work" and there may be times where something else comes through that you are best served by seeing it and getting information and then having work that you do on your own.  

Throughout the process, you are always being empowered to be your own light, your own love, your own guiding truth.  No matter what happens, each and every session is filled with a profoundly healing connection that serves to reconnect you with the truth of yourSelf.  This takes place throughout the session and also catalyzes awakening that continues to integrate afterwards.

Your journey of transformation begins with contacting Rebecca; then you will have the opportunity to explore some questions about your personal unfoldment process to determine what is best to support you at this time.  

Entering into any of these transformational mentoring programs is a profound step in your journey of unfoldment, so expect shifts to begin for you even before the formal start of your program


Rebecca can help you to:

* Have clarity and answers all the time

* Live in the now, as your true self

* Live in harmony as the love that you are

* Transcend and integrate the ego state

* Live lovingly  'in the world but not of it'

You can have complete clarity and live your most wonderful life.

You can fully embrace and live your highest expression of joy, 

love, abundance, and harmony. 


Does this sound familiar?

You feel if you just do one more thing you'll finally have peace but it never pays off - as if you're being teased by the carrot at the end of a stick, stuck on a treadmill of "getting there"


You believe that by this time, with all the work you’ve put in, you should be happy by now and nothing should bother you.


You’re always trying to collect enough “I love myself" chips 

When the pile goes up you feel like you love yourself, when the pile goes down you feel like you don’t deserve love.


In this new activation series (see picture link below), it will become clear to you that searching for the next thing to make you whole and complete is unnecessary because you already are whole, complete, effortless love.

By remembering what you are, the boundless Love that is your very nature is no longer hidden from you.  It becomes alarmingly evident that you already do (and always have) possess an infinite Love and acceptance of yourself.   

From that understanding, all struggle falls away …

 and you are free to bloom forward while giving the gift that you are in the world, and your life experience will reflect that

Are you ready to clear up this core issue now, so you can step empowered into 2015, ready to live as the love that you are?

Are you ready to rest in the complete and solid knowing of the infinite Love beyond words that is your very nature?

Are you ready to watch as your entire life experience now unfolds to reflect this boundless Love in your creation?

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