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Nicolebeth Williamson

Animal Communicator & Medium

Hi there!   Thank you for choosing me to read for you!  I understand choosing a Psychic Medium is a very personal and intimate choice, feeling a connection with an advisor will always open the flow of energy bringing through messages for your greatest and highest good!  My gift is very natural and healing, with the capability to immediately see messages associated with the questions you are asking for.  I am blessed to work with Animal Kingdom as well, specializing in all areas of guidance associated with your pets!  I look forward to the honor of helping light your path! 

  Being a Psychic Medium has always been something I have been very comfortable with, even excited at see our loved ones and pets in spirit coming forward to bring guiding, healing messages of love for you, and to watch the beautiful expressions on your faces as you experience your life with your loved ones again.  I always cherish those moments, new memories, that you now have in your heart!  My work also has a unique little something extra that I share with you as well as our beloved animals here with us........I am a practicing Spirit Healer, with the ability to work in the physical, emotional and spirit body to help regain balance and clarity.  I have witnessed healing, the removal of blockages, clearing of negative energy and the development of your special gifts!   I work with Higher Light Beings, Healers and Guides to channel in this healing energy so that I may be a link between them and you.  This type of healing work is not a replacement for proper medical care from your trusted medical professional, rather a compliment to your current treatment.  I also devote time weekly to sharing this gift with our Animal Friends, especially Pets in Rehab or Service to aid in raising their vibration to facilitate optimum healing.  I offer Hands on Healing Groups locally for Humans and Animals, Private Sessions as well as Distant Healing Sessions.  

  ‚Äč‚ÄčNicolebeth is an Animal Communicator, Spirit Healer and Certified Spiritual Counselor.  Nicolebeth is Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairaudient and Clairscentient.  She attended a private mentorship program with Shirley Ryan PhD, CCHt, at Conscious Life Institute. Shirley was instrumental in helping Nicolebeth realize her true path  as a Psychic Medium.  Shirley Ryan is a valued friend, advisor and colleague....the Human Owl!

  Nicolebeth has also attended advanced Mediumship classes with John Holland, Janet Nohavec and Maggie Chula. Nicolebeth enjoys her private time with her family, music and is an avid crystal collector!  She volunteers her time and gifts to various charities and events and believes in paying it forward to help her community.

  Nicolebeth is patient, loving and kind.  Always willing to help and guide, she is a true light following her path as a Healer.  

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