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Martin Dvantman

Life Transformation Specialist & Energy Healer & Angel/Guides Communicator

Martin has a special gift that was given to help people find answers to their problems. Through a reading / session, Martin manages to provide pertinent information and gets messages that help you understand how to change and transform your situations. He then gives guidance to help you achieve what you want.

Martin receives messages through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and also has the ability to cleanse the body of negative energies and align the chakras.

Martin has the ability to read auras and to eliminate the obstacles that you are feeling.

Thanks to his psychic skills Martin can give you amazing information about your past, present and future, which will help guide you towards some good decisions. 

From Martin

I'm a life transformation specialist, energy healer and spiritual psychic angel/guides communicator. I work with people to support them in their lives to give them guidance. I support you as you learn to grow and evolve your soul to reveal the best version of yourself. Also I help you connect with your purpose and to live a happy and more fulfilled life.  

Soy un especialista en la transformación de la vida, healer y psíquico espiritual que recibo informacion de nuestros ángels / guías. Trabajo con la gente para guiarlos a través de su vida, darles orientación y hacerla mas facil a medida que aprenden a crecer y evolucionar su alma para revelar la mejor versión de sí mismos; para conectar con su propósito y para vivir una vida feliz y plena. 

Eu sou um especialista na transformação da vida, healer de energia  e psíquico espiritual, recebo informaçoes de anjos / guias. Eu trabalho com pessoas para guia-las no percurso de sua vida para dar-lhes orientação e torná-la mais fácil à medida que aprendem  a crescer e evoluir sua alma para revelar a melhor versão de si mesmas para se conectar com o seu propósito  e viver uma vida feliz e realizada.​​

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