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Leanne Thomas

Master Teacher, Psychic Medium & Angelic Channeller

Reverend Leanne Thomas is an internationally known psychic medium and channel who works closely with the angelic realm. She loves bringing forward messages of love, hope, and inspiration to others. She is also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. She has studied with Lisa Williams, Dorothy Holder, Deborah King, Dr Eric Pearl, and Betsy Morgan.

Message from Leanne

I am a psychic medium and channel who works with the angelic realm. Giving Mediumship and Angel Readings is very near and dear to my heart. I have a love for connecting people with their crossed over loved ones and their angels. I believe that every person incarnates with angels to help them on their journey; all you need to do is ask. The angels want all of us to know how much we are loved and that we are not being judged. Life is a series of learning lessons with plenty of joy, fun, and love along the way.

When giving a Mediumship or Angel Reading I connect with your guardian angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side. Many times Archangels will appear as they help you on your journey. My strengths are claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and clairvoyance (clear seeing). I am also clairaudient (clear hearing) at times. I do use angel cards on occasion; however I prefer to connect with my intuition. With angels by our side I can connect with what you need to know from the past, present, or future which serves your highest good.

A channeled message can be incorporated into an angel reading. As a channel I bring forth only the most high and loving guides and beings of light who wish to support your spiritual growth and healing. I am a conscious channel who allows these beings to speak through me for the purpose of love and light.

I also use Energy Therapy to support optimum health in my clients. I am a Reconnective Healing Practitioner certified with Dr Eric Pearl. I am also certified to do Reconnections which allow for the individuals true purpose to kick into high gear.

I have been a school teacher for the past 15 years. I love working with children and teachers. I have a Master of Arts degree in English Language Arts, a Reading Specialist Credential, and am CLAD certified. I also have a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership with an Administrative Credential. This will allow me to open my own school one day. My dream is to open a school where children can develop their psychic abilities while learning reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Certified and Tested by Lisa Williams ISSD


I am often asked what is Reconnective Healing. First of all Reconnective Healing is a philosophy and not a modality or technique. Evolutionary energies that are new to the planet are now accessible. The energies themselves are not new but our being able to access these energies is new. These accelerated energies bring you to wholeness, balance, and vitality. They work on an emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental level and your experience will be as unique as you are.  Everyone walks away with a healing and an experience even if it is not the healing you were expecting. God the creator knows exactly what you need so all you have to do is let go and let God.

Reconnective Healing is different from other healing methods as it is a broad spectrum of energies and most other methods are one to three frequencies. Other methods also require symbols, crystals, hands on the body, or even chanting. None of this is required with Reconnective Healing. As a practitioner I never even need to touch the body.

Angelic Hope 

I begin my Mediumship and Angel Readings by going into meditation and prayer. I set the intention to only bring forward the most high and loving energies that wish to connect with the truth for you. I ask for your angels, loved ones, and guides to come forward with messages of love, inspiration, and healing. I do not edit my messages; I give what I receive. Amazing information begins to flow when I work with Spirit to bring love and clarity forward for you. The universe desires for all of us to reach our highest potential and will reach out to connect with us as we desire to move forward on our paths. As I connect, I can bring forward information about your past, future and bring clarity to current events. Crossed over loved ones often make an appearance and bring you messages from the Other Side. Each reading provides insights from the Other Side to illuminate your path.

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