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Kenji Kumara 

Universal Quantum Energy Initiator & New Earth Consciousness Catalyst

Kenji shares and serves as an initiator of universal quantum energy and a catalyst for the new earth consciousness.

“Sharing the Joy of Awakening with the World”

Through experience and a life long journey in search of spiritual wisdom, Kenji Kumara, has a true gift in bringing forth ancient wisdom and life lessons with simplicity, humor, and a lightness-of-being.

His dedication to assisting others to enter the temple of their heart, connect with their true essence and shed that which no longer serves them brought him to develop his own modality, Quantum Lightweaving ®.

“Quantum Lightweaving ®” is a unique approach to finding your soul purpose, and deepening your psychological and spiritual awareness with ease and grace. The result is comprehensive assimilation and application of ancient wisdom and joyful living.

Kenji’s natural talent is to reach our heart center, the official operating system of self, through facilitating initiations/activations, meditations, self-empowerment, emergence and spiritual awakening.

He acts as a visionary, a way-shower of the now, and a channel for ascended masters. His message is for everyone on all levels, for those just beginning their search for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, as well as those well along their journey.

His style is well suited for the healers, teachers, and artists on this journey in this time of new earth consciousness.

As this new age develops, we no longer have to go through all the old layers of release. We simply breath through and enter into our sacred heart kingdom. Renewal takes place in an instant, truly it is just a matter of following the energy and receiving; it’s that simple.

In “Sharing the Joy of Awakening”, Kenji invites all who are ready to consciously experience the full expression of eternal peace in every quantum moment, cell and particle of their being.

Now is the time to step forth into enlightenment and self-empowerment with infinite and divine source energy, the one vibration of love. Allow Kenji to lead you to your connection to your higher self, releasing limiting beliefs, introducing you to new energies in a totally innovative way.

Through the power of love and grace, the presence of now, and trust in the infinite possibilities, the vision of the “Kenji Community” in this new earth consciousness lives now as heaven on earth.

“When you lose yourself in the energy, you don’t have to try so hard.” –Kenji Kumara

As we open the portals to new dimensions, with joy and bliss, we are inviting our soul family, our community, to join us in service with simple sensibility and an honor of values.

We have never seen a time like this in human history; the old rules no longer apply. The same is true for teaching modalities. Allowance, acceptance, and release; It’s just that simple, creating eternal peace and heaven on earth.

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Certifications and Studies since 1970

Masters in Education (Art Therapy major)

Multiple Subjects Credentials w/ECE Emphasis

Specialist Credentials in Early Childhood

Education Bachelors in Humanistic Psychology

Experimental Masters in Parapsychology

SHES Certified (Spiritual Healers And Earth Stewards)

Power Of Hope Group Facilitator

Braco gazing

Christopher Method (Lorna Malburg) – Certified Practitioner

Reiki I-IV master teacher (Takata-Brown-Yost-Dey of the Reiki Training Program)

Jin Shin Jyutsu II Certified (Mary Burmeister)

Breema Bodywork – Certified Massage Practitioner (CA), Institute For Health Improvement)

Ho’Oponopono II Certified (Kahuna Morna Simeonna) and Huna Therapy

Trager Psycho-physical Integration And Mentastics– Formerly Certified Practitioner, Intro Workshop Leader, Supervised Practice Sessions Leader, Tutor (Trager Institute, Dr. Trager, Betty Fuller, etc)

Initiated into Kriya Yoga, Sahaja Yoga and Kundalini Yoga

College Of Spiritual Psycho-Therapeutics, Coursework V, Aura/Color Therapy, Instructor- Candidate (Dr. Reg Newbon, ND & Peter Goldman)

Dreamhealer Workshop (Adam, The Dreamhealer)

Therapeutic Touch (Kreiger, RNP)

Mind Dynamics Graduate (Alexander Everett and Werner Erhardt)

Train The Trainer and Millionaire Mind (Peak Potentials)

Merkabah meditation training, Adept level

Bio Magnetic Touch Healing I

Yuen Method Intro Workshop (Anderson)

Aromatherapy w/ Young Living Essential Oils

Lovestream II (Sol LaTrianne)

Spiritual Unfoldment Network coursework w/ Irvine Feurst

Member, Edgar Cayce Foundation

Course In Miracles

Studies w/ Peter Goldman, Ammachi, Claire Heartsong, Karen Cook and Linda Bandino

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