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Kaitlyn Keyt

Vibes Up Vibrational Therapy


How It Works

How it works- You have two choices. The full version or The Nutshell.

If you bore easily, scroll to the bottom to read the small condensed version of ‘How it works’.  If you thirst for knowledge enjoy the full version (or you can  scan through gathering snippets of interest.) I highly recommend at least reading the new information from ‘Mind Reading Bracelets” on down.


I have a mind that likes to have an logical explanation for things. I  really like to understand HOW something works. For most of my life I was very skeptical about essential oils and gemstones.  My mother used essential oils on a daily basis and I would tease her that ‘a smell can not fix you.’  Until one day she absolutely ‘fixed’ me. I began to experiment with essential oils and kept getting amazing results. This became my main source of solutions when raising my two sons.

I was still bothered with not understanding how they worked though…  I read almost nightly about them and was very curious on why most of the oils have something called a “MHz” listed next to them.  For example rose oil was 320 MHz.  (This I would learn later was a major key to finding my HOW.)


My view of gemstones was that they were beautiful but how could they help you… they just sit there looking pretty. The claimed benefits made no sense to  me.  Herbs however I did ‘get’ and worked with for many years… I saw them as fuel you put in your tank (body) and your engine runs better. I also had a personal experience as a teen where herbs saved me from a major traumatic, life-altering illness.


It was not until I became tuned into the knowledge of Vibrational Energy that the big “AH-HA’s” of HOW essential oils and gemstones work came to me.   The answer was surprisingly simple. How they work is similar to how a radio tunes into stations.


It has been scientifically confirmed that everything is energy, i.e. everything vibrates.  There is a constant breathing of energy in and out going on…  The scientific word for it is ‘electromagnetic’…  It sounds complicated but it’s not. Imagine how, when you drop a pebble in a pond you see the ringlets go outwards, and under the surface of the water, the ringlets return to the exact spot where the stone dropped in.

That’s  it! Electro is the out and Magnetic is the in.  This is going on in everything around us and would explain why when we go out into our day in a good mood we are sending out vibrational energy waves that are literally attracting more of that good vibrational energy back to us and when we go out in a bad mood, well you know by experience that we attract more negativity back into our day.  It’s the law of attraction.  Just as sure as the law of gravity is real and we are affected by it at every moment of every day, so is the law of attraction (or what I might call the law of electromagnetism.)


It was at the moment I was imagining turning the dial on a radio and thereby tuning into different frequencies on that dial, that it hit me about frequencies also having to do with oils and gems. Remember the MHz for each oil?   This is their station on the  dial… they  are sending out a specific frequency, drawing that same energy back to them just like the radio!  Ah HA!  Quickly I connected that the gemstones do the same thing.  OH YES!….of course!… the first radio was a quartz crystal radio! Makes total sense.


Now that I had my big HOW, I began to play with these two vibrational modalities with a new sense of respect and curiosity.  One day I put an essential oil on a stone and it began to Vibrate strongly in my hand.  I called energy experts and they told me that both the stone and the oil work on the same frequency and they love to work together.  Yes, I could feel their excitement of being together.

It was at that time I was inspired to create an amplified new modality: the birth of new tools that work with speed and accuracy.  Scientists say our planet’s vibrational energy is changing… it is raising to a new level.  With that our tools are also changing.  In a lower vibration things move slowly: it’s like walking through molasses, thick and slow…  In the new higher vibrational energies things move quickly and with more ease and flow.  This is another one of those laws like gravity and is true from a cellular level, to our daily lives and beyond.

Everything is faster and easy in a higher vibration.  In the new energy many things will be changing.  Fear, hard work and slow healing are becoming outdated and are no longer a match for our new energy.  It’s exciting times we are living in and I believe many of us will be coming up with new ways of doing things. New fun simple and magical ways of living.


Again gemstones and essential oils work in a similar way to a radio,  sending out frequencies of vibrational energy attracting that same frequency back. Gemstones send out a broad signal.  If we apply essential oil to the stone we can fine- tune the energy. For example when we look up the qualities of Rose Quartz, it is published and known for its abilities to help with stress, elevate moods, inspire loving feelings and provide pain and allergy relief, that’s a broad range signal..not very clear.

Rather than a fuzzy station of a little bit of all of the above qualities, we may want a clear intent (or station) of specific focus.  If we want to make the focus more specific, we could fine tune this vibrational energy by combining it with the plant oils known to help with one of those themes, lets say stress relief.   Now we have a crystal clear connection to the specific energy we are wanting to receive.


To amplify this energy, just like a radio, you would want to increase the strength of the signal going out.  How do you make a bigger energy antenna?  The answer is: Quartz Crystal.  Scientifically recognized for its abilities, it is currently used in much of our technology, cell phones, computers, lasers and more.  In fact, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.  Crystal  amplifies the signal of energy. When we combine the gemstone, essential oil and liquid crystal coating we now have a specific and strong energy.


Inside of that coating are tiny gem spheres of clear quartz that work like natural little “good energy batteries” that can regenerate themselves.  Tiny balls of energy that work just like the sun:  they draw energy in, it compresses in the center and creates an explosion of powerful energy.

Rather than their own limited regular energy, these little guys are pulling in the essential oil and liquid crystal energies and sending all this out in a new amazing delivery.  Now not only can this energy penetrate things that are normally not natural conductors of energy, but it can bring these beautiful helpful natural energies to deeper levels of our being than they could ever go before.  We now have specific, strong, penetrating good energy that can recharge itself!  It is so powerful it will raise the good healthy vibration of anything it is around! We can now charge our food, water and bodies with specific good energy.


How do we know it works? Aside from personal experience, which is often the best test for individuals, these have also been tested by experts in the field of Vibrational Energy. The advanced modern technology for measuring frequencies of energy is the German Bio-resonance machine.  It has also tested by Kinesiology (also known as  muscles testing) which is now recognized as an accurate science.  See page 29 of “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins. You may test for these results with your own body as the equipment. The basics with Kinesiology is that if something is a beneficial vibration your bodies muscles will have a strong response and if it is non-beneficial it will have a weak response. So simple, yet so accurate. The body knows! You can do a quick google search to learn how to do Kinesiology for yourself.


I have often had customers ask me why their bracelets would warm up or tingle when they were in great need of that energy. For example if they were in extreme stress the stress bracelet would respond or energy when they were very tired.  What helped me figure out the answer was my favorite humorous ah ha,  from the book, “The Secret Life of Plants”. One day the man who invented the lie detector test hooked his whole system up to a plant,..he thought to himself, I wonder what would happen if I burned a leaf on this plant? The needles on the graph went wild as the plant responded to the idea of having its leaves burnt. He was of course very excited as he had now established tangible evidence that plant life can literally read the minds of human beings. This would explain why nature can work so well with humans. It can read each of us as an individual and knows what we need, when we need it when to activate and when to back off. Backing off is key… read on…


In the beginning of creating these products I was shown a way to use a computer device to record a frequency of something and then zap that recorded frequency at an item.  For example I could record the frequency of an aspirin and then put that computer version of the energy into a pencil… or a  rubber band. Those items would now energetically act like an aspirin.  My mind  was excited about this. I thought I could really amp up the bracelets.  But  my ‘gut’ immediately said “NO!!” I was trying to convince my gut,  “OH  COME ON GUT THIS WILL BE FUN!!!”  … “NO NO NO” is what I got back.  I honored  my gut’s advice and did not use this synthetic technology…  It was not until a year  later that I found out why my gut was so adamant.


There are many types of energies, they are either “force” energies or  “flow”. I believe it is very important for us to learn to discern the  difference.   Flow energy is the energy of love and will always honor our free will working with us in what is in our best interest.  Force energy does not.

Let’s use this example:  You have a headache and you have a choice of two pills, one natural and one synthetic.  The intelligence in the natural tablet has the ability to read each of us as an individual and knows how much we need and when, and again when to activate and when to back off.  The synthetic can bring an energy but has no ability to read us.  It does not know how much we need or when, and it certainly does not know when to back off.  Could this be why there are so many side effects and complications with synthetics?  It could also explain why they do not know how to work with each other and we have to be careful of combinations.  I have never heard of  someone having a terrible complication from mixing a carrot with a tomato, because they know how to work together.  To learn more on this subject read my newsletter titled “An intuitive reading from your salad.”


After treating the bracelets with plant oils, gem spheres and liquid crystal coating, I used to program them by telling them what their job was.  Like, ‘your job is for JOY’.  One day I started to feel silly for  doing this.  With the absolute brilliance of nature which I believe is more connected to the universal intelligence than we are at this time… Why was I telling them what to do ~  they already knew! So I changed to just telling them “THANK YOU!”  Thank you for finding your person and helping them in their best interest.   At that moment I felt an ‘eager excitement’ energy coming from the bracelets.

I started to talk to them… (not so silly now that technology has proven plants can read our minds) I said, “I am deeply touched that you are so eager to help mankind when we have been so cruel to nature. You guys are just unconditional LOVE!” I heard back in my thoughts, “We are not conditional or unconditional Love, we are just LOVE, its a state of being… It’s just what we ARE.”  I was teary eyed as I realized that we too are LOVE and we have just forgotten…  Nature is eager to help us remember.

Because nature remembers it is love and mankind is on its way back to remembering, I have chosen at this time to keep them natural.  I do not use man made manipulated energies: geometrical drawings, man made symbols, computer devices or even my own will.  I am not saying any of those are bad, it’s just what my  gut is saying is a wise choice at this time for me to keep the products in the wise and trusted ancient wisdom energy of nature which is the energy of FLOW. 

 Remember Force or flow energy. Flow energy is beneficial and will never force us into anything that is not in our best interest. It honors our free will. Force does not.

I suggest practicing discerning what energies are flow for you or force. Your gut already knows..flow energy you have an uplifting feeling. Force energy you can feel a sinking feeling. My gut is always more accurate than my logical mind. Learn a new way to test what is force or flow for you with your bodies fingerprints. View the short clip on the website under Kaitlyn’s Videos: ‘Healing Arts Festival’.


I want to emphasize the bracelets are not a belief system.  Nature is a  friend helping us to remember; it does not want us to look upon it as our belief system.  Here is why: Where our thoughts go our energy flows.  Our belief  system is where the majority of our energy goes.  How many of us believe in ourselves? We have been programmed to NOT believe in ourselves. How common are sayings like “Oh what do I know” or “Who I am to say?” or how about the classic “We are but  filthy rags of sin.”

When we do not believe in ourselves our energy goes outside of us.  This keeps us in a limited state of being.  Limited heath, awareness, creativity, personal power, even life expectancy.  When we began to believe in ourselves our energy now stays with us and begins to build.  The more energy we have, the higher we vibrate and the higher we vibrate the more we can tap into the our higher selves and the amazing, powerful, and unlimited beings of LOVE that we really are.  Nature is just like a friend taking us by the hand and leading us back to ourselves.  I LOVE NATURE: It’s a true and trusted friend at this every important time in our awakening.

Kaitlyn Keyt


Gemstones and essential oils send out frequencies of energy attracting  back more of that same energy. This is similar to how a radio  works. Essential oils  fine tune the beneficial qualities of the gemstone, the liquid crystal coating amplifies that energy and the tiny gem spheres in the coating work like natural good energy batteries, regenerating themselves, delivering the energy on a deeper level, and are powerful enough to charge anything they are around with good, healthyenergy and at the same time clearing out non beneficial energies.

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