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Justin Chase Mullins ~ JCM

Psychic Medium

Justin Chase Mullins is one of the fastest rising stars and respected Psychic Mediums of his generation. Despite his appearances on television, radio, and in print, he considers himself a normal man from a very small town who has been blessed with an extraordinary gift. 

Being born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia has lent to his earthy charm and southern boy next-door manner. This small-town upbringing means Justin is not very New Age-like in demeanor. He has one simple goal: to use his gift ethically in helping others find peace, closure, and answers. 

Justin believes that we all are Psychic, and have the ability to receive messages from the Spirit World. He is a naturally gifted Psychic and Medium, who has had experiences with the spiritual world all of his life. To him, the world has always been paranormally based, and assumed it appeared this way to everyone. 

Even from an early age, he was drawn to paranormal writings, and would often check out books from the library on such topics as ESP, Controlling Dreams, etc. Being 34 years old, Justin is still very young in the metaphysical world. From a very early age, Justin recalls having dreams that would later come true, and has always had a sense of ‘knowing’. 

Justin began using his gift to help others online in his early 20’s, although the real shift in Justin’s life occurred in 2008 when he recognized his ability to communicate with Spirits. At that time, he began exploring his work on a deeper level, receiving countless testimonials and confirmations of his accuracy from those he had helped. Justin found this to be both rewarding and transforming. 

Although he never planned to take the route of turning his abilities into a career, in 2012 he decided to use his gift fully, and began his vocation as a professional Psychic Medium on a full-time basis. 

Justin enjoys seeing other Psychic Mediums succeed and develop, and has a strong belief that intuition can be used in every aspect of your daily life. Currently, his focus has shifted to Spiritual Teaching, and the completion of his first book.

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