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Jost Van Dyke ~ Jostradamus

Tarostrology & AstroMantra & BioPsychic Conduit

Jost Van Dyke considers himself a Multidimensional Renaissance NuMan.   This polymath identification was seeded by three seminal events at an early age that set in motion an underpinning dynamic.  

Before Jost's birth, his parents had an ET "close encounter" that was quite extraordinary for two people raised and living at the time in rural North Florida amidst Deep South fundamentalism of the 1950s. 

Jost was born Easter morning, at the break of dawn, with a natal sun conjunct an 11:11 Aries ascendant/Libra descendant axis.  Venus was conjunct the Pleiades, the lunar nodal axis was conjunct Antares and Aldebaran as the moon edged toward the Galactic Center trine a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. 

At the age of five, Jost experienced an out of body experience (OBE), an angelic visitation setting a precedence for subsequent recurring numinous events that have since made a significant impact on his life in many ways.

TAROSTROLOGY  Tarot and Astrology consultation enhanced by clairsentient guidance that promotes energetic healing and emotional-spiritual integration.


Your biography becomes your biology."  ~ Caroline Myss 

You may ask: “what can I expect from a TAROSTROLOGY session?”

TAROSTROLOGY makes no claims about predicting the future.  TAROSTROLOGY offers a psychic interpretation of possible potentialities. 

TAROSTROLOGY delivers a deeper understanding of urgings one may already sense and promptings that will lead to spiritual growth and ultimate healing when acknowledged. 

One can’t change the past lived during this lifetime, or for that matter, past incarnations.  However, TAROSTROLOGY  will bring awareness to astrological aspects that trigger blocks stored in the physical, emotional and etheric bodies. 

Awareness of tendencies that keep one locked in repetitive thought and behavior patterns can assist in dissolving, releasing, absolving trauma pain inflicted during this lifetime---even, psychological wounds passed down from prior lives.

Then, living more dynamically in the present can begin.

Think of a TAROSTROLOGY session as a "tap on the shoulder" assisting one to consider, and perhaps discover alternate routes leading toward infinite possibilities in the future.

"Like Nostradamus, Jost is a gifted visionary for our time.  He's proven his gift of prophecy 

time after time with extraordinary accuracy."

~ Betsey Lewis

Author and Internationally-renowned Psychic-Medium

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