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Jennelle Deanne

Canadian Psychic Medium

I am a Canadian Psychic Medium. For years I kept my abilities in the dark, mainly for friends and people who I could "wow." I decided to further my skills through mentorship and have utilized the professional help of many celebrity psychics who have guided me to unleash my ultimate potential.

I was a skeptic. However, upon validation after validation I realized that what I was seeing was real. I believe that my skepticism made me honestly open up my potential. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, medical intuitive, an empath and a medium. From relationships, family matters, money to connecting people with lost loved ones and pets, I have serviced thousands, maintaining a 5 star rating and have helped them to realize where to put their energy and when to call something quits.

After a devastating car accident which claimed the life of my brother, I decided to start learning how to use my gift to help others. Over the past few years I have studied and done readings for some of the top psychics and mediums in the world. Being a medium as well, I can use energies of passed loved ones to give messages, healing, and to help you understand that they are always with us. My biggest form of study has been relationships. There are so many types of relationships out there, it's extremely tough to see how they are going to unfold because we are so close to the situation.

What can a reading help me with? I am a psychic medium and life coach. I can tune in and assist you in areas such as; money and finance, careers, relocation, vacations, romance, family issues, life path, and finding peace in knowing your loved ones are safe beyond the "physical plane" Clients will find that I will guide them on a path of "self empowerment" showing them how amazing life can be despite the obstacles we face.

What is a life coach?Sometimes we find ourselves in "ruts;" where we are focusing on issues that we feel we shouldn't, feel taken advantage of, are in the wrong career, living in a cloud of negative energy. I can help guide you towards the path that was intended for you. Sometimes called "destiny coach" I can help you understand "psychic vampires" and those who we should just back away from to relieve the impact of negativity on your life. I also deal with issues such as weight loss, motivation, and past lives.

Medium: All mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. I can pick up on the energy of loved ones who have crossed over. Often during a reading if there is a message they will show me or interrupt me to bring forth that message. Spirits tend to be around us all the time, through me they know they can communicate and can be quite excited. This is an amazing experience that brings peace to those who are grieving, or who need confirmation that their loved ones are safe and happy on the other side.

Soulmates: Past life and karmic connections. We immediately know them, like "love at first sight" often we are pulled toward these people. They can be temporary or permanent fixtures in our lives. Often a soulmate is someone who guides us on our path, allows us to see a part of ourselves we need to see, or loves us unconditionally; allowing us to open up to love more. Players and narcissists can mimic the energy of a soulmate. Often we can't see past our feelings and get emotionally tied into relationships with people I call "energy vampires" If you are in a relationship and you need some enlightenment on a certain person(s) in your life, call or e-mail for a consultation and I can help direct you to pursue your energy in the right place.

Twin Flames: We have only one twinflame. Theoretically they are the other half of our soul. Rarely does meeting your twin flame not come without some sort of barrier or consequence. In a reading, a twin flame connection is eternal. Through lifetimes you will have been with this person. In a reading I can help direct you as to whether this is a twin flame relationship, how to cope and how to heal and or move on. Call or e-mail for a consultation.

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