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Jasmina Agrillo Scherr

The Cosmic Heart Resonator

Spiritual pilgrim, yogi mystic, HeartMath® Licensed Coach, Light Energy Healer, Jasmina Agrillo Scherr, has more than 25 years of experience inspiring people the world over on how to access and use the power of their heart to impact consciousness, health, performance, creativity and relationships. She has client case studies cited in the 2003 New Harbinger publication, Transforming Anger and the 2006 New Harbinger publication, Transforming Anxiety. She is quoted in the 2008 HeartMath publication, the emWave Solution for Enhancing Meditation, Prayer & Self-Help. Jasmina is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart–a spiritual odyssey that goes beyond the near death experience to living from the intuitive heart connection.

Her passion for helping others is born of her compassion for the pain and suffering in others. Having lived through personal upheaval, illness and stressful conditions throughout much of her life, she wants to aid others in finding their path to peace, joy, health and spiritual connection.

Having had a very clear connection to Source beginning in childhood, Jasmina has continued to walk a path between both this world and the unseen world of spirit. Her near-death experience while fighting a brain tumor further intensified her ability to live and intersect both plains. By surrendering to the guidance, she has found the strength to carry on and rise from adversity to a place of wholeness. The mystical experiences in her life have made her a life-long seeker and a world traveler, sending her to India and South America searching for answers, healing and a deeper connection to herself and source. Her inspiring new book Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart chronicles her life story and transcendent experiences.

Jasmina has been a sculptor, meditation instructor, brain injury specialist, and life coach. Among the current programs that she offers to help people navigate the vicissitudes of life and to connect more deeply with themselves are Resilience Training, Transform Anxiety, Heart-Based Divorce Recovery, Our Miracle Heart, and The Cosmic Heart Resonance Technique™. In addition to her coaching programs, Jasmina’s fifteen and thirty minute energy healing and intuitive guidance sessions are popular with folks to experience a fast and effective way to de-stress, heal and connect with spiritual intelligence.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, she likes long walks on the beach, meditating, movies, and ethnic cooking experiments in the kitchen.  She enjoys sharing the spiritual adventure wherever it takes her with her husband, Kenny, and friends from around the world.

Jasmina On Writing

I write to heal my soul. It is at once my cry to the universal source to never abandon me; and an outpouring of deepest gratitude for the divine’s answer to the call. As I call to the universe, it is calling to me.  The divine needs my love as much as I need its response.

I write to inspire you, beloved reader.  To experience the beauty, the meaning, the reflections of your soul in your own life story.  I am here to remind you of who you really are. To tell you that there is nothing no matter how unforgiveable, how painful, that cannot be healed.  I have had many life lessons to learn how to listen and trust in the guidance of my spiritual heart.  In the end the only thing that remains is Love. And Joy. And Peace.

In Love...

Have you ever wondered, woken up in the dark of the night, longing for something you don’t even know? Do you have moments where you feel your power, your greatness calling to you? Who you are in your life, the world, the universe? Your purpose? Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the characters in fairytales and myths. I was fascinated by how the hero, plagued with seemingly impossible situations, is aided by divine intervention in some way, and survives by sheer wit, courage, and intuition. All those fairytale and mythological characters are us: divinely human, groping our way in the dark with our soul light to show the way.

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Jasmina Agrillo Scherr’s Coaching Programs Resilience Training Journey inward to discover your strength! 

Jasmina will help you emerge from crisis or trauma to recapture your balance and sense of joy. She’ll work with you to find your hidden well of wisdom, self-love, capability and endurance. But there is more to resilience then bouncing back. It’s creating the new set-point of happiness, inner peace and vitality. You’ll experience once again, just how good life can be. 

You’ll learn*:  

How to infuse your life and health with vigor and passion  

How to quickly get beyond setbacks  

How to address the causes of stress in your life 

 How to look to your heart to keep you in alignment with a healthy, happy, peaceful existence  

How to communicate more effectively to achieve your intentions  

How to increase your self-confidence, and have greater composure under duress or challenging circumstances  

How to think more clearly and focus more effectively  

How to sleep more deeply and worry less  

How to be more flexible with changing conditions and release resistance 

Transform Anxiety Yes! You can! 

Imagine and live life free from overwhelm, worry, fear of what the future might bring in, health, relationships and performance. 

Jasmina will help you recapture your courage, and confidence to move forward in joy. She’ll work with you to find your hidden well of peace, self-love, capability and staying power. Freedom from anxiety gives you the gift of living your truth and using your gifts on the center stage of your life. It’s creating the new set-point of happiness, inner peace and positivity. You’ll experience once again, your best life forward! 

You’ll learn*:  

How to identify the causes of anxiety  

How to stop the drain of negative thoughts and emotions on your health & well-being  

How to change anxiety to peace and mental clarity within seconds  

How to use your intuitive heart power to program your best life 

 How to communicate with comfort and ease in your relationships 

 How to increase your self-confidence, and have greater composure under duress or challenging circumstances 

 How to re-create habits of positivity  

How to sleep more deeply and worry less  

How to remain empowered in the present moment in the midst of uncertainty. 

 Heart-Based Divorce Recovery 

Why life with anger, bitterness, resentment, fear or a lingering desire to return to an unhealthy situation? 

Jasmina will help you live for today and tomorrow, instead of the past. To let go of all the emotions that are interfering with you living a big-vision, happy, loved-filled life today! 

You’ll learn:  

How to grieve appropriately and move on 

 How to let go with joy and relief  

How to tap into your inner reserves 

 How to communicate with compassion 

 How to forgive yourself and your ex  

How to open new pathways in your heart 

 How let in someone new and not repeat the same patterns 

Our Miracle Heart 

Your heart is more than just a beating organism. It is a conduit to your higher self and Source. It has its own intelligence, an intelligence that interacts with your consciousness, subtle energy system, physical health, and what you project into the world that manifests your experience. 

In learning how to connect with your heart, you will discover gifts you never knew existed! By looking to your heart, you will find answers, meaning and purpose! 

You’ll learn:

 How to trust yourself to find what you need to know 

 How to live in Heart Time  

How to increase your intuition 

 How to flow with life, rather than push through or work hard 

 How to have a greater spiritual connection  

How to discover your life purpose or further infuse it into how you live today  

How to learn to pace yourself and let go of “overwhelm” 

 How to cope with the challenging times and still find your peace  

How to let your heart lead you out of fear or immobilization 

Here’s How Your Miracle Heart Works: 

When you intentionally shift to a positive emotion, heart rhythms immediately change benefit the entire body. The effects are both immediate and long-lasting. 


“You have the power to create miracles of health, joy and fulfillment in your life.” 

 Jasmina Agrillo Learn The Cosmic Heart Resonance Technique™ Do you long to deepen your connection to Spirit? To easily and quickly receive guidance to your most vexing problems? Take your self-healing to a deeper level? This is a new and unique technique to help you do that and more. 

You can learn to:  

Access multi-dimensional healing miracle frequencies  

Connect to Divine or Universal Source Intelligence for enhanced intuition  

Quickly transform stress to peace and mental clarity  

Accelerate the clearing of emotional trauma  

Re-pattern thought patterns through accessing Divine Intelligence  

Manifest desires in your daily life in relationships, health, & performance Energy Healing 

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