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Jack Mario 

Evidential Medium & Teacher 

 Jack Mario is an internationally known Evidential Medium based in Gilbert, AZ. He is dedicated to providing clients with evidential, healing, and insightful messages to show the continuity of life after the physical death. Along with conducting readings, Jack gives lectures on mediumship, psychic awareness, self-empowerment, and intuition. With teaching, his goal is to reconnect people to the divine spark within to help them live their purpose. Much of his teaching is done through his one-to-one mentorship.

One-to-One Sittings:
During your sitting, Jack links to Spirit World to connect you with your family and friends who have passed. The information is evidential of who they are, their personality and significant life events from their point of view to identify who is stepping forward. Along with the identifying evidence they will give survival evidence, situations that have occurred since their passing and what they’ve been doing in Spirit World to show the continuity of life after the physical death.

Group Sittings:
Jack will stand before the group and link those in attendance to their loved ones in Spirit World by passing on evidence and messages. The group setting is great for those looking to communicate with their Spirit People with the support of family and friends.

From Jack 

I have seen and communicated with the Spirit side of life since childhood, though not always understanding what that meant. As far back as I remember I have seen people and energy that others seemed oblivious to. I was around the age of 6 or 7 when I became aware that not everyone was seeing what I saw.

  When I was 13 years old I became aware of the terms 'Psychic' and 'Medium.' I then fully embraced that and began to refer to myself as a Medium, because my gift is with communicating with Spirit World. 

 On the cusp of junior high and high school people seemed to be intrigued by this gift rather than ridicule me for it. Freshman year of high school some friends and I were sitting at lunch and I just started blurting out that I was seeing one man behind one friend and another man behind the other. I described their appearance, personalities, and names, it was then "this kid actually sees and talks to the dead" and it was experiences like that which led me to sitting with schoolmates because they wanted to know who I saw around them, not long after relatives of classmates wanted a reading from me.

I did my first professional reading when I was 18 years old, a month after I graduated high school. Thankfully it wasn't my first reading ever because I would have been quite intimidated seeing as how the client was a very religious Mormon who was referred to me by her daughter, the daughter was also present at this reading. That was some years ago now. I have since connected countless others to family and friends who have passed to the Spirit side, showing the continuity of life and love.

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