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Carolanne Anselmo

Heal Technique

Carolanne is a dedicated intuitive spiritual scientist. As an energy healing mentor, teacher, author, wife, and most important a mother, she is focused on healing and manifestation through the energy of the heart. Her mission is to bring energy healing to the main stream because she knows that this is the time that everyone is capable of igniting self-empowerment! She shares with you a map for full spectrum vibrational energy healing.
Carolanne Anselmo, C.H.

Carolanne Anselmo is the creator and founder of the HEAL Technique®, as well as a global speaker, author, teacher, transformation specialist, life coach, certified hypnotist, spiritual healer and energy worker.

Thirteen years ago, Carolanne was losing a battle with over twenty auto-immune and auto-immune-related diseases and her organs were shutting down. She had more than a dozen surgeries, was on over seventy medications and supplements and her condition was deteriorating. Her doctors told her to get her affairs in order. Failed by conventional medicine, she explored alternative therapies and combined everything effective that she learned from multiple modalities both modern and ancient into one simple and comprehensive system, creating the HEAL Technique®. With it, she healed herself. This self-healing brought her face to face with her own power.  She is passionate about helping others do the same. Over the years, she has simplified the HEAL Technique® so that anyone can move through the process easily and experience profound results. Her mission is to make true transformation at the energetic level accessible to anyone.

The HEAL Technique® helps you pinpoint when and where experiences muddied up your energy and teaches you how to transform and transmute it, therefore transcending it.

To start, let’s uncover your personal energetic patterns of belief and examine the belief systems that keep you stuck. Then we can find your personal healing codes to unlock and release yourself from the repeating pattern of stuck energy.

With those unique codes, we’ll know exactly how to go in and neutralize the charges to free up the stuck energy and obliterate the energetic block. This allows energy to flow. When energy flows, new doors open. When energy flows, new neural pathways are built in the brain and in your HEART.

When energy flows, you open up channels in your brain for new information to stream in effortlessly. New awareness. New perspective. New insights. New opportunities. A new paradigm. You are a powerhouse of energy.

“I flat out LOVE  what I do to help all of you! It is the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life and what joy to witness miracles almost every day of my life! All of these shifts make it a better world for all of us to live in. It is a ripple effect for the consciousness of this planet, in fact…the universe!”
~Carolanne Anselmo 

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