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Carol Look

Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychotherapist, and EFT Master

Create a life you LOVE one YES at a time

The Yes Code is my unique, dynamic method of coaching that I use to help clients attract success and abundance in all areas of their lives.  I love results, and through The Yes Code process, I will help you feel inspired, connected to your inner guidance, and free to follow your own path so that you get the results you want in your life.

When I lead you through The Yes Code process, I use 3 steps to help you break through your old patterns of sabotage, heal your fear of success, release your fear of failure, and resolve your conflicts aboutshining in the world, so you can make the best choices to live a life full of purpose, passion and abundance.

I am passionate about helping you release your sabotage behavior so you can get unstuck, take back your power and live a life of your dreams!

If you are tired of playing small, hiding your gifts, and giving your power away… then I hope you will enjoy getting results from what I can offer you through my Abundance Coaching Program, the exclusive Diamond Inner Circle program and free information through my articles, newsletters, and videos.

I am Carol Look, an Intuitive Energy healer and EFT Master. In addition to being a traditional psychotherapist and abundance coach, I am an author, speaker, coach and the creator of “The Yes Code” – my unique coaching style that will help you clear your fears, find your “yes” and make the decisions that are right for you.  I love results and I love helping people make the right choices!  I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do this rewarding work every day.

Before becoming an EFT Master, I was trained as a Clinical Psychotherapist and earned my Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  I have been a pioneer in the EFT/ energy medicine field for 18 years, and am known for successfully combining my traditional training with energy medicine and my deep intuitive capacity to help lead clients exactly where they want to go.

  • Have you ever blocked your success with procrastination?
  • Have you ever felt like you were the only one getting in your own way?
  • Has perfectionism ever blocked you from moving forward?
  • Did you ever give your power away to someone or something in your life?

That was me before I found the right tools to help me eliminate my sabotage behavior, release resistance, and clear my blocks to deserving the best life I could have. I can help you clear these blocks to your success because I’ve been there. I used to be a master procrastinator, I’ve sabotaged my success, and of course I’ve been afraid to shine.  I’ve shied away from what I want, I’ve been afraid of failure, and I got in my own way countless times.  But I learned extremely simple techniques to heal the fears and feelings behind these behaviors that were holding me back so I could overcome overwhelm and enjoy exceptional results in my life.  And I can teach you how to use these tools too!

You may know me already from my signature EFT book, Attracting Abundance with EFT, as well as my two bestselling Amazon Kindle books on eliminating procrastination and emotional overeating. Maybe you found me on facebook and have connected with me there.  Or maybe you’ve just been receiving my free newsletters with Law of Attraction stories and tapping sequences.  If you want even more tools and resources to move you forward, then consider some of the new coaching programs I have been offering.

In addition to mentoring thousands of energy practitioners worldwide, I recently launched my Abundance Coaching Program for lay people, coaches, and practitioners who are passionate about coaching others to lead lives of exceptional success. 

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