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Andy Rodriguez ~ Walks With Thunder

Non -Traditional Shaman

I am Shaman Born. My grandfather was a Shaman for the Caddo tribe, as was his father before him. I am not a member of the Caddo Nation nor do I want to be one. Too much politics for my simple life.

My Reading style is simple, no tools, cards. To help me tune in to your questions I require the first name of the person and the last time you had contact. For questions that aren’t tied to people, the name of what it is and the city its located in. Some times I ask a validation question, like “is that true?”. I can hear the spirits next to you speak when they answer your questions. I relay that information the way I hear it from the spirit. Every now and then I will teach you how to do a Shaman like thing, Like Remote viewing, or Energy healing that you do yourself.

Our path in life is changeable. I do blessings, not spells. The most important thing I could tell you is… Knowing that love is the best thing we do as humans, Love is the reason we are here. Love is the only thing we take with us when we pass from this life to the next so make it count do it right stop playing games and love with all you are. Love is what we should be doing in everything we do. You are in charge of your life, you make the decisions for yourself to do or not do. May those decisions always be made in the most loving way for yourself and others.

As for me I have been able to see Grandfather Spirits since the age of two and could bi-locate (literally be in two places at once) by the age of fourteen. I didn’t know those things were special. I thought everyone could do it! And you know, I was right. The classes I teach around Puget Sound are based on this and my beginner?s empowering their lives and helping them embrace classes help students take control of the “gifts? they all possess skills that previously they thought only others could attain.

When you take control of your own hidden powers, you don’t have to be a victim. I have been on the Red Road a long time long before I even knew there was a Red Road. I live a spiritually pure life- abstaining from alcohol and tobacco (except for occasional ceremony) as well as coffee and recreational pharmaceuticals.

So what sets me apart from other Shamans? I didn’t learn the way of the Shaman from another Shaman- the Spirits teach me gently when I sleep. And I believe that everyone can do what I do. Just like the Spirits who teach me, I can’t keep a good thing to myself.


Walks With Thunder 

Services include ~  Apprentice Classes, Blessings, Curses Removed, Medium Psychic Readings, Spirits Removed

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