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Andrew Brewer ~ "The Rock & Roll Psychic"

Past Lives Expert & Psychic

Andrew is a former corporate executive, film actor in Hollywood. A certified professional boxing fitness trainer, and an internationally televised "intuitive". 

Known world-wide as "The Rock n Roll Psychic". Voted in a 2014 poll of over 500,000 voters in 190 countries conducted by "Art, UFOs & Supernatural Magazine", Andrew was voted as the 56th Best / most trusted psychic in the world.  

Based in both New York, NY and Nashville, TN, ​Andrew is a world recognized authority on 

reincarnation and past lives. Andrew has been listed in over 2 dozen publications and international polls as: "One of the Top 100 Psychics in the World"; "One of the Top 100 'Light Workers' in the World" ;"One of the Top 30 Psychics in the United States". 

Andrew is the author of 10 Books

and creator of 3 Tarot / Divination Decks 

A specialist in the integration of

Business and Intuition

Andrew has over 3500 appearances 

to his credit in Radio, TV, and Film, 

perhaps most notably as the Co-host and Featured Psychic 

along with Erik Estrada (CHIP's) and 

Jenilee Harrison (Three's Company, Dallas)

on Kebrina's Psychic Answer

which aired throughout the United States

and Canada from 1992-1994

Andrew was a featured columnist in The Free Press 

and has been quoted in front page articles in both 

The Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

For more information, please email Andrew